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We create incredible wellness experiences.

The kind of events you want to tell your friends about. The kind of beautiful, modern, social gatherings that foster community. 

We layer myriad layers of experience and atmosphere to create the kind of events that leave you elated and satisfied. 

To achieve this we use various tools:

  • We hunt for abandoned warehouses, incredible churches, breathtaking roof terraces and all sorts of other spaces. We then light and dress them to enhance the evening.

  • We arrange for an exceptional yoga practitioner to move you and to move you out of your everyday head space. It will always be suitable for all levels.

  • After moving your body we switch focus to your mind with a sound bath experience. After physical movement, this can create an exceptional relaxation space.

  • We finish the evening with an amazing, nourishing meal prepared by an exceptional chef we've chosen to complement the event.

  • All meals are served at communal tables and from central dishes. We hope this encourages new conversations and new friendships.

These are the pillars of our events. But every one is different as we change location, practitioners, chefs and all the other details. They are, by design, a physical and sensorial experience. There's really only one way to experience them. Join us.

London is our home, and most of the events are here - but you never know. Join our mailing list, wherever you are, and we'll keep you in the loop.

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