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We've practiced yoga, amongst other movement practices, for many years. We have experience in a diverse range of industries and sectors. We've been lucky enough to travel and experience different cultural approaches to wellness. So, we like to think, we have a broad view of 'wellness'.

As much as we love all kinds of yoga and movement classes, and, as much as we enjoyed the many kinds of wellness events we attended, we were never quite satisfied with the experiences. There was always something that we thought should have been better - or maybe just different.

What would our ideal wellness experience be? What parts of our wellness are usually overlooked by other events? What do we think of as crucial that others see as superfluous? These kind of questions lead us to start THE KOVN.

We're not purists, we're not looking to create the closest approximation of Mysore or an ashram. We're looking to create modern wellness experiences that encourage movement, wellness and social bonds. If we're honest, we partly did this as an excuse to meet lots of amazing people and share a beautiful dinner with them. 

So, that's our 'origin' or sales pitch or, we guess, our invite. Add your email to our list or follow us on IG and come join us.

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