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Yoga pose in circular window

Movement is the secret sauce. That's what makes it one of the foundational pillars of wellness. And that's why we centre our events in a yoga or similar movement practice. Wellness needs to be inclusive, so whether it's your first time or fifth decade of practice you'll still get what you need.


empty space with coulored ambient lighting

Even a basic yoga class can be a transformative experience. What if it's not only a transformative experience but a transportive one? By choosing the best spaces and transforming them further though lighting, sound and smell, how far can you go from your everyday?

Chickpeas Salad on timber table


Food is the source of most of our energy. It can also be the source of much pleasure. That's why we find the best chefs and crate incredible, nourishing, communal eating experiences in these spaces.

person sitting with sound bowls


Sound baths are incredible experiences. You may find a spiritual connection or just resonate with the physicality of the sound. Whatever your experience, when layered with settings, lighting and aromas, they offer a deep method of relaxation and calm.

burning incence stick


The quality of the foundational parts make events by THE KOVN special. But it's the details that turn them into immersive wellness events unlike any other. All senses engaged.

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